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8 Clendon Place, Rawene, Northland

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(09) 405 7728


(09) 405 7728

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8:30am to 3:30pm


8:30am to 3:30pm


8:30am to 3:30pm


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Boatshed Café

About Boatshed Café

World class tranquil café located in Rawene

The Café owner is TerehiaHohaia

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7 years ago

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Rawene is one of the prettiest and tiniest towns it is possible to imagine. The main street, Parnell Road heads straight for the sparkling water of the Hokianga. From a jetty at the end of the street the green and white ‘Kohu Ra Tuarua’ car ferry regularly shuttles locals and tourists over the water to Kohu Kohu and northward.

The centre of ‘town’ occurs where the main street meets the water and turns right into Clendon Esplanade, a narrow road winding alongside the waterfront toward what once were the logging mills, now reclaimed by mangroves.

Perched out over the water just alongside this junction is the Boatshed Café, a very old red painted tin shed. It is the only café Rawene has. Sitting out the back of the Boatshed Café on the north facing porch, we watched the midtide waters jumping with fish, the ferry gracefully crossing the harbour and locals pottering in their boats. Coffee is freshly ground Allpress and as good as any you might find in New Zealand’s largest city.

We visited twice, once for morning tea, once for breakfast and enjoyed luscious cakes, fresh baked bagels, local bacon and eggs, all so fresh and so delicious we couldn’t stop ourselves ordering extras to takeaway for afternoon tea too.

We were really happy to find such a well run café in Rawene, but the tiny outpost is full of surprises, there may not be a lot of shops but there is a lot of heart.

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